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The Wessel Islands are a group of islands belonging to the Northern Territory of Australia. They lie in a more or less straight line to the northeast of Arnhem Land. Marchinbar Island is the largest of the group. Other islands include Elcho Island, Rimbija Island (the most outlying island), Guluwuru Island, Raragala Island, Stevens Island, Burgunngura Island, Djeergaree Island, Yargara Island, Drysdale Island, Jirrgari Island, Graham Island, Alger Island, Abbott Island, and Howard Island. Bumaga Island and Warnawi Island, both part of the Wessel Islands group, are also part of the Cunningham Islands.

Elcho Island is home to the largest Aboriginal community in northeast Arnhem Land. Galiwin'ku, located near the island's southern tip, is the main community on the island. There are a large number of tribal groups, with up to 22 different dialects being used in the community. The people of Galiwin'ku retain their tradition and culture for future generations by strict traditional methods, and through education, embrace the wider Australian community.

The island group is dominated by rugged sandstone plateaus and hills which contrasts sharply with the adjacent mainland. Most of the islands have extensive areas of native vegetation, including grasslands, heath-lands, coastal thickets and eucalypt woodlands, with smaller areas of paperback forest and mangroves.

Things to see and do

* Fishing
* Aboriginal culture

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency – Australian Dollar (AUD)
Language – English
Population – 2,200 approx (Elcho Island)
Time – GMT plus ten hours
Electricity - 2 angled pins and 1 flat pin centered below Australian style
International Country Telephone Code – 61

Travel Links – There is an airport located on Elcho Island.